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Spherecore Mat


Spherecore Mat is non-woven textile made from fine polyester fiber, manufactured in a continuous process similar to needle punched felt by Carbon-Core.

As the fiber is processed, a 50% by volume load of hollow polyacrylonitrile microspheres is introduced along with an acrylic binder.

Perforations to facilitate faster resin saturation are hot needled into the Spherecore Mat as a final process before coiling and converting.

One 3mm layer of Spherecore Mat is equivalent to 3 layers of 1.5 oz Mat.

A common layup for a panel, to achieve approx. .29 thickness, alternate layers: 1.5 oz mat, 3mm Spherecore Mat, 1.5 oz mat

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1.4mm, 3mm, 5mm


1yd, 3yd, 5yd, 10yd, Roll

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