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ISO Polyester Gelcoats


306 Clear: A high quality clear isothalic gelcoat used with metal flake or as a clear or “Tinted Transparent” coating for surfboards, sailboards or skylights. NO wax, will not cure “tack free”.

307 Neutral: Neutral base, high quality, isothalic gelcoat with NO wax. Can be used in molding or can be pigmented (2oz – 8oz per gallon) with LBI Pigment Paste. Will not cure “tack-free”.

308 Pure White: Made with top quality isothalic polyester resin for spraying or brushing into a mold or for patching. Pure white color may be tinted to make gray, light blue, tan, etc. Coverage when sprayed at 20 mills is 20 sq.ft. per quart. Will not cure to a “tack free” surface.

Hazardous shipping charge applies to 5 gallon pails.

Product returnable for two weeks after date of purchase.


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