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Safety Equipment to Use when Fiberglassing

Safety Equipment To Use When Fiberglassing

What Safety Equipment Should I Use when Fiberglassing?

Whether you have a small repair or a larger project, these items will help keep you safe from hazards.

Safety Glasses & Goggles

  • Will prevent debris from getting in eyes.
  • Glasses have side shields as splash guards.
  • Glasses are open on top and bottom.
  • Goggles provide a tighter fit to the face.
  • Goggles are enclosed on all sides.
  • Goggles may not vent as well as glasses.

Tyvek Suits

  • Available hooded or non hooded.
  • Hooded suits keep dust and overspray out of hair.
  • Has elastacized sleeves & ankles.
  • The elastic allows for tucking in to gloves or shoe protectors.
  • Provides full coverage to protect clothing and skin.
  • Is chemical resistant.
  • May be used more than once.

Disposable Gloves

  • Available in latex(rubber) or nitrile.
  • Latex is more cost effective.
  • Latex is the most commonly used glove.
  • Nitrile is stronger than latex.
  • Nitrile has better chemical resistance than latex.
  • Both types of gloves can come in different thicknesses.


  • Have many different designs.
  • Dust masks are used to avoid particulate matter when sanding/grinding.
  • Dust masks do not protect against styrene fumes.
  • Dual-Cartridge respirators used in fiberglassing filter particulate matter and absorb styrene fumes.
  • Can be disposable, or may come with replaceable cartridges.
  • Is important to use a respirator if working in an enclosed space that is not well ventilated.

Dispenser Bottles & Epoxy Pumps

  • Bottles to store and dispense MEKP from.
  • Pumps that give the exact ratio of epoxy resin and hardener for mixing.
  • Helps to prevent chemicals from making contact with skin.
  • Keeps chemicals covered and not exposed to air or debris while you work.
  • Prevents chemicals from spilling while you work.
  • Cups are graduated to assist with mixing chemicals accurately.
  • Epoxy pumps will dispense the proper ratio of hardener to epoxy.

When fiberglassing you should always use the correct tools.  This also includes your safety equipment.  Having good personal protection will prevent mishaps down the line.

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  1. I liked how this post shared that safety glasses can help prevent debris from getting into the eyes when working with fiberglass. My husband is thinking of opting for a fiberglass entry door. I should tell him to go for it and hire a contractor with complete safety equipment.

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