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H80 Series Plain (5.0 lb/cu ft)


Single sheet.

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Material & Process Compatibility
Divinycell H is compatible with virtually all commonly used resin systems (polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy) including those with high styrene contents. Its good temperature performance with high residual strength and good dimensional stability, makes Divinycell H ideal for hand laminating, vacuum bagging, RTM (resin transfer molding) and other closed molding processes.

Mechanical Properties
In its application range, Divinycell H has the highest strength to density ratio. It exhibits at both ambient and elevated temperatures impressive compressive strength and shear properties (normally the most important for a sandwich core material). In addition, the ductile qualities of Divinycell H make it ideal for applications subject to fatigue, slamming or impact loads. Where a more brittle core material might well shatter or delaminate as a result of an impact, the ductility of Divinycell H allows it to absorb energy when deflected without structural failure. Other key features of Divinycell H include consistent high quality, excellent adhesion / peel strength, excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption and good thermal / acoustic insulation.

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1/2", 3/4"

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