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  • No laminating project should be started without having a solvent handy for clean up. Use Acetone with polyester resin and 1271 Epoxy Solvent with epoxy resin.
  • Keeping mixed resins, particularly epoxies in a wide, shallow pan, such as a roller pan, will increase the pot life. This allows the mixture to shed heat and
    prevents an accelerated reaction.
  • Use caution when laying-up glass in direct sunlight because it can greatly decrease working time.
  • Remove air bubbles and wrinkles from uncured laminate by using an aluminum or nylon air bubble roller. The air is driven from the uncured laminate into the fins of the roller thus yielding an even, bubble free surface.
  • Our epoxies, as with most all epoxies, require 5 to 7 days at 70°F to achieve full cure.

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