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Cure Time – The amount of time required for a catalyzed resin to reach approximately 95% of its ultimate strength. Full cure may take up to 7 days, at 70°F.

Fair – To fill and sand an irregular surface to make it smooth and even.

Fiberglass – A reinforcing material comprised of fine glass fibers.

Hardener (Catalyst) – A substance which when added to resin in the proper proportions causes the resin to cure and turn from a liquid to a solid.

Laminate – The process of saturating layers of fiberglass fabric with resin; A properly saturated layer of reinforcing material.

Lay-up – The process of applying layers of fiberglass fabric and resin in a mold or on a surface, i.e. a deck; laminating.

Pot Life – The amount of time from mixing the catalyst into the resin until it begins to gel in the container.

Self Leveling – When poured onto a horizontal surface liquid flows out flat, similar to oil.

Thixotropic Powder – A powder such as cabosil which, when added to a liquid such as resin, creates a non-sagging, non-running liquid with characteristics similar to those of latex paint.

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