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355 Gelcoat Paste Repair Kit: A Guide to Patching Gelcoat.

355 Gelcoat Paste Repair Kit:  A Guide To Patching Gelcoat.



A gelcoat putty for repairing cracks, gouges or holes in gelcoat.  This paste cures tack free.  Wet sand with 400 grit and finer and buff to a gloss.

Kit includes gel paste 8oz, MEKP catalyst, sandpaper, mixing stick, spreader and wax paper. Comes in neutral and white. The neutral can be pigmented to a desired color.

  1. Clean and dewax the surface with 361 Verikleen, 1271 epoxy solvent, lacquer thinner or detergent of your choice.
  2. Scrape or sand the inside of the gouge being careful not to scratch the surrounding gelcoat.
  3. Catalyze with 2-5 drops of MEKP per teaspoon of gel paste.
  4. Work the catalyzed gel paste into the gouge, thoroughly wetting the surface and working out as many air bubbles as possible.
  5. Cover the gel paste with wax paper. Starting at one edge, smooth the wax paper surface with a straight edge, pushing out air bubbles and excess gel paste as you work your way across the patch.
  6. When cured, remove the wax paper.
  7. Using a sanding block with 400 grit paper and water with dish soap, smooth the patch down to the existing surface contour.
  8. Next sand with 600 grit, then 800 grit to further smooth the surface and buff to a gloss with buffing compound and wax (optional).

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